Wesley 'Sox' Wilson

If I call three times a day

Come and drive my blues away

When you come, be ready to play

Do your duty

If you want to have some love

Give your baby your last buck

Don't come quackin' like a duck

Do your duty

I heard you say you didn't love me

Numb as Mrs. Brown

I don't believe a word they say

She's the lyinest woman in town

When I need attention at home

I'll call you on the phone

Come yourself, don't send your friend Jones

Do your duty

If my radiator get too hot

Cool it off in lots of spots

Give me all the service you've got

Do your duty

If you don't know what it's all about

Don't sit around my house and pout

If you do you'll catch your mama tippin' now

Do your duty

If you make your own bed hard

That's the way o' life

I'm tired of sleepin' by myself

But you too dumb to realize

I'm not tryin' to make you feel blue

I'm not satisfied with the way you do

I've got to help you find somebody too

Do your duty