Jeanne Burns / Billie Holiday

He was lanky and tall as a beanpole

And he wind fanned my heart to a flame

As he looked to the sky

And there's no wonder why

For Preacher Boy was his name

With his old yaller dog there beside him

And his eyes throwin' sparks in the sun

I grew faint from the heat

From my heart to my feet

When I knew Preacher Boy was the one

Then he didn't say much

He's the silent kind

But his arms were strong

Just the same as his mind

And my knees grew weak

As I clung to him

My Preacher Boy, my Preacher Boy

But he heard the call

Now he's left me

For his faith was stronger than I

And thought we are apart

Yet he's still in my heart

My Preacher Boy, my Preacher Boy

My wonderful Preacher Boy