Book cover, 6.2k DON'T EXPLAIN - A Song of Billie Holiday

by: Alexis De Veaux
publisher: Writers and Readers Publishing, Inc.
ISBN number: 0-86316-132-4

'Seething, terse, and inspired throughout, DON'T EXPLAIN fully delivers the beauty and the bleeding of strange fruit: the brilliant and exemplary yet victim life of Billie Holiday in all her jazz.' - June Jordan

This emotional tribute/biography of Billie Holiday follows a Baltimore girl-child to nightclub Lady-hood, from white maid uniform to white satin gown, from broom handle to microphone. The gruelling trip made her voice richer but her bad habbits harder to break. Alexis De Veaux invokes Lady Day as her muse and sings her sad story in an achingly familiar voice of hardship and passion.

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