Magazine cover, 12.2k TuTTi Legends - BILLIE HOLIDAY
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Very nice for introduction to Billie Holiday, see also the CD that comes with it.


In her time, Billie Holiday wasn't that big a star. So why, some 40 years later and long after that era's stars have been mostly forgotten, does your CD store a bigger collection of her music than that of Madonna, Cher and Courtney Love combined? The movie Lady Sings The Blues helped put Lady Day (not to mention Diana Ross) back in the spotlight. But the real reason we still care is because of that one-of-a-kind voice brimming with pathos. Lady knew how to wring every last emotion out of a song.

And then there is here story. Don't believe the film - it was based on a autobiography that Billie didn't write or even read! The real Lady Day escaped a childhood of prostitution and poverty to become the most vital vocalist of her days. She had some mighty good times before the booze and drugs took over. And she certainly didn't take any crap from nobody: managers, agents or jealous rivals. Small wonder then that Count Basie called her William.

Okay, how does all this help you pick a good Holiday CD out of the hundreds available? After all, she recorded for several labels, each of which now has at least one best-of-Billie collection or a boxed set that's so big you'd need a bank loan and a Teamster to get it home. Not to mention the dozens of obscure (and often lame) live albums. Well, that's where we come in. We've carefully chosen the music on our collector's edition CD by listening to everything Lady ever sang and picking an array of great tracks from throughout her career. Which, by the way, you'll find nowhere else! And that's what we do with each issue of TuTTi Legends. We bring you the best music and the most fascinating stories of artists ranging from Louise Armstrong to the Monkees. So cue up the disk, sit back and snap your fingers. Lady Day would've liked it.

Bob Cannon,

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