Book cover, 6.2k BILLIE HOLIDAY

by: Burnett James
publisher: Spellmount Ltd. UK
ISBN number: 0-946771 05 7

Lady Day’s early life was disastrous and yet she fought back to become probably the greatest jazz singer of all time.
Her friendship and close musical relationship with Lester Young provided some of her greatest records, under the direction of Teddy Wilson.
She sang with Count Basie and Artie Shaw and the list of her later collaborators reads like a jazz Who’s Who: Benny Goodman, Benny Carter, Buck Clayton, Ben Webster and Johnny Hodges.
A film of her life Lady Sings the Blues starring Diana Ross was released in the 1970’s.

Burnett James is a prolific writer on all kinds of music, both classical and jazz.
He contributed to The Decca Book of Jazz and Duke Ellington, and wrote his own Essays on Jazz and a volume on Bix Beiderbecke in the old Kings of Jazz series. He was for some time the co-editor of Jazz Journal.

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