Book cover, 15.7k BILLIE HOLIDAY - The Tragedy and Triumph of Lady Day

by: Leslie Gourse
publisher: Frank Watts, a division of Grollier Publishing.
ISBN number: 0-531-15753-9

Within the haunting vibrato of Billie Holiday's voice lies a life of emotional extremes, and a profound inability to couple great commercial success with inner peace. From the glamour and excitement of Harlem in the 1920s to the stage of international stardom, Billie Holiday sang the blues like no other.
This is the tragic story of a woman who often stated, only half ironically, that her succession of failed relationships and drug abuse provided her with the emotional energy necessary for her stunning performances.
Weaving together intimate anecdotes with informed narrative, author Leslie Gourse creates a vivid portrait of Lady Day - a woman who sang the blues about love, loss and strength like no other songtress of her era.

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