Book cover, 17.4k BILLIE'S BLUES - The True Story of the Immortal Billie Holiday
by: John Chilton
publisher: Quartet Books Limited, London
ISBN number: 0-7043-3114-4

' of the most lucid. jazz biographies yet published' Alun Morgan

'...a candid and balanced perspective' Books and Bookmen

'Billie Holiday's voice was the voice of living intensity of soul in the true sense of that greatly abused word. As a human being she was sweet, sour, kind mean generous, profane, lovable and impossible, and nobody who knew her expects to see anyone quite like her again' Leonard Feather

'Billie Holiday was, and still remains, the greatest single musical influence on me' Frank Sinatra

John Chilton, authority on jazz and himself a professional jazz trumpeter, has written the first ever biography of, this extraordinary woman, sifting the truth of her dramatic and tragic life from the distortions and sensational treatment of her own notoriously unreliable autobiography, and the film of the same name, Lady Sings the Blues.

Billie's Blues is also an account. of her professional life and musicianship; ther paradoxical story of a singer who never received the adulation from the general public that she needed but who exercised an indelible influence on her contemporaries.

This book is identical to BILLIE'S BLUES - The Billie Holiday Story 1933-1959, just with the pictures...

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