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December 1, 2007 - Added the biography of John Hammond. It's a nice book by Dunstan Prial.
Removed my email adres because of the huge amount of spam. Mail me, but replace the -AT- with the @ sign.
Removed the counter that told me the number of hits, it was generating irritating advertisements on visitors screens.

April 21, 2005 - Added the book With Billie of Julia Blackburn. Missing links to pictures still not fixed (I know, I should shame myself!).

Added the book Strange Fruit of David Margolick, added a link to the Hunger Site, they fight hunger, pls. click it once a day! Some minor clean-up of the 'STUF' page.

A chatbox has been added, just don't look at the add.... Let's see if people use it. (It's crap.. and will be removed)

Video 'The Emperor Jones' added to the 'Worth Watching' section.

Book review of 'Strange Fruit' added to Dutch section, thanx again Frans B!

The broken links fixed in the ART section, thanx galexy!

Added a New York Review article.

Added the Mal Waldron webpages to the Mucisians link.

Added the beautiful Legacy/Columbia (Sony) 10 CD box.
Rewrote a lot to have a better compliance with WEB standards.

Added Chris Ingham's book Billie Holiday from the Divas serie.

The DVD 'Presenting Billie Holiday' still to be released! I guess the producers (Pioneer) have copyright problems.
Actually, I think it will never be released anymore. Still would love to have a "test version" of that DVD!

Added the dutch book Billie en de president and the dutch newspaper article.

Added two articles which appeared in the dutch newspaper 'de Volkskrant'.

Netscape is now supported thanks to Neal Groothuis, who pointed out where I screwed up ;-) Still, looks better with Micro$oft Explorer. This page is still under construction! No way I pretend to be complete, correct or even ready with this page.

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